Lady Gaga revealed that she studied animals for her murderous turn as a jilted ex-wife in the new movie House of Gucci.

The singer revealed that she had some animal inspiration for her performance as Patrizia Reggiani, who had fashion heir Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver) assassinated in the 1990s, which is already picking up Oscar buzz.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the film’s scheduled release later this month, Lady Gaga shared that she turned to the animal kingdom to help portray each stage of Reggiani’s life.

“Earlier in her life, I was a cat, like a house cat,” Lady Gaga told reporters.”

“In the middle of the film… I was a fox. And so I studied the way foxes hunt, and they’re actually quite playful when they hunt.”

“And then I studied panthers for the end. I watched lots of videos about the way that panthers hunt. And they’re sort of seductive… they sort of seduce, and then they pounce.”

Early reviews of the film gush about Lady Gaga’s performance, and many expect another Oscar nomination to match her screen debut in “A Star is Born”.

The singer also shared that there was more to the story than greed.

“She not only loved Maurizio, but she loved what he meant and the way that he empowered her within the family business,” she said.

“And when that was taken from her… she reacted in a way that most women don’t — most women don’t have their husbands murdered.”

“And yet I do believe in that system, with this sort of systemic oppression, that this happened because she was simply too hurt.”

Reactions to House of Gucci have been mixed, as many people seem mesmerised with Lady Gaga’s performance while some critics agree with Observer magazine’s Brandon Katz that the film was “an overwrought slog.”

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